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  1. Let's say you're watching a video on someone's YouTube channel. This person inserts adverts in his videos, exactly in the video row. And you are constantly scrolling through the video until the end of the advert. And so: There is an extension for browsers, which will do the scrolling of adverts in the video sequence of youtuber instead of you. It's called SponsorBlock https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/sponsorblock-for-youtube/mnjggcdmjocbbbhaepdhchncahnbgone https://addons.mozilla.org/ru/firefox/addon/sponsorblock/
  2. What was shown at Apple's autumn presentation on 12 September 2023? We tell you in the article news about Apple Event. Apple's autumn presentation 2023 Apple has traditionally chosen September for the premiere of new products. This year, the date of the presentation of Apple 2023 is scheduled for 12 September - on Tuesday at 20:00 Kiev time. For you have collected the main news about what was shown on the online broadcast of novelties from Apple. What was shown at the presentation Apple 2023 What Apple presented in autumn 2023? As expected by fans of "apple" technology, at the autumn conference Apple 2023 showed a lot of new products, namely: iPhone 15; iPhone 15 Plus; iPhone 15 Pro; iPhone 15 Pro Max; Apple Watch 9; Apple Watch Ultra 2. Below we tell you more about what was shown at Apple's 2023 autumn presentation and what specifications the new products received. iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus Smartphones iPhone 15 and 15 Plus became the headliners of the show. As a rule, before the presentation of Apple 2023, the exact characteristics of the devices are not disclosed. However, insiders have been leaking a lot of information about the upcoming Apple smartphones throughout the year. The base lineup includes two models: iPhone 15 - 6.1 in; iPhone 15 Plus - 6.7 inches; The design of smartphones has slightly changed. The devices received more rounded edges. The colour scheme is presented in five colours: black, pink, blue, yellow, green. Dynamic Island first appeared in the smartphones of the basic line. Now users of all new products will be able to enjoy the "dynamic island" and its interesting functions. The screen received improved brightness indicators: 1600 nits and 2000 nits when viewing content in HDR quality. The novelty is equipped with a more powerful A16 Bionic chip with a 5-core graphics chip. Such a processor was installed in last year's line of smartphones iPhone 14 Pro. The model is equipped with a 5G module to connect to high-speed mobile internet.The iPhone 15 has a new dual camera consisting of these sensors: 26mm main lens at 48MP resolution; a 52mm telephoto camera at 12MP. The camera features optical zooms of 0.5x, 1x and 2x. Photos are incredibly detailed and contrasty in all lighting conditions. The portrait mode has been improved, which activates automatically when you want to take a portrait photo. The TrueDepth camera got auto focus and an improved Smart HDR shooting mode. This year, smartphones got a USB-C connector for charging instead of Lightning. iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max Also at the Apple presentation 2023 showed the professional versions of iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. These smartphones have these parameters: The display diagonal of the iPhone 15 Pro is 6.1 inches, and the Pro Max is 6.7 inches. An important innovation is the replacement of the notification mode switch with an action button, which will be customisable. The body is made of durable brushed titanium alloy, which made the smartphones lighter. Recall that the previous models had a steel body. The colour palette is available in these body shades: Black Titanium, White Titanium, Blue Titanium, Natural Titanium. The performance of the smartphone is provided by the 3-nanometre A17 Pro chip. This is an even higher performing chip than last year's chip. The processor has 6 performance cores and 6 GPU cores. The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max are equipped with a new charging connector - USB-C. There is also support for USB-C data transfer at speeds of up to 100Gbps. The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max have three main camera sensors: a 48MP main 24mm sensor, two 12MP telephoto lenses (77mm and 120mm). Apple Watch 9 As a novelty Apple 2023 autumn also presented the Apple Watch Series 9 smartwatch. The watch did not receive any special external changes. The main update is the installation of a new processor S9, which will increase the overall performance of smartwatches, autonomy and speed. Recall that Apple Watch 8 runs on the S8 chip, which is considered equal in power level to the S6 processor. The novelty adds a new Double Tap option that allows you to control the watch with gestures. In addition, the smartwatch added a new NameDrop function and improved Siri voice assistant. At the presentation of Apple 2023 watch 9-series showed in a new pink shade of the case, and also presented new straps. It's worth noting that the straps are also made of completely recycled materials. Apple Watch Ultra 2 At Apple's September 2023 presentation, they showed off the new Apple Watch Ultra 2. The model features the S9 processor with improved performance and autonomy. The screen brightness is 3000 nits and a torch is also installed. There is an option to search for iPhone, gesture control (Double Tap). Autonomy reaches 36 hours of active use. The watch remains in the only silver matte shade of the case. Users will now be able to choose new shades of straps. iOS 17 release date The new firmware for iPhones is already being tested and finalised. At the Apple 2023 event, representatives of the company reminded about some of the features of the new firmware, which received iPhone 15. Recall what we know about iOS 17: Updated Siri voice assistant. Now you can call him with the short phrase "Siri". You can create contact cards by adding posters, stickers, captions. StandBy mode, which turns the iPhone into a desktop clock. Playlist and browser sharing is implemented. NameDrop wireless sharing. Improved search, typing, auto-correct. In the iMessage app, it became easier to search for desired texts. FaceTime added reactions and voice message recording. Creating regular and animated stickers. Where to watch Apple 2023 You can watch the presentation on the official website apple.com, on Apple TV, and on Apple's YouTube channel. The event itself took place at Apple Park in Cupertino. A limited number of guests were invited. However, anyone could watch the online presentation on Apple's YouTube channel or the company's official website. The presentation was broadcast at 20:00 Kyiv time.
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    Discord hacked.

    Discord users' data has been leaked online. A database of 760,000 users was put up for sale on the darknet, with logins, emails and hashed passwords inside. The leak was caused by a third-party interface discord.io, which asks for data from the original Discord during authorization. Fans of leaky third-party services, run to change your passwords.
  4. If you need to delete chats in your account and have the same chats deleted from your contacts - this script is for you. Completely open source. The steps in the procedure are as follows: 1) Create api_id and api_hash for your account (Instructions at this link https://core.telegram.org/api/obtaining_api_id) 2) Open the script with any convenient editor. 3) Insert your api_id and api_hash into the script. 4) Run the script in the terminal with the command python bot.py 5) Log in. 6) Wait. The bot will delete chats from both you and your contacts, provided that there has been no activity in the chat for 30 days or more. If you want, you can change this time in the script. Also you are free to edit this script as you want. We don't care. (Bot deleting chat's with function "Also delete for <name>") Idea: @or1k Released by: @JACKlickd bot.py
  5. This bot is designed to allow a person to control their body weight. The bot is written entirely in python. Database mysql When you first turn the bot on (/start), the bot will ask your starting weight. You go to weigh yourself - enter the number. The bot understands floating point up to two characters after the point. If you misspell your starting weight - the bot gives you the opportunity to change your starting weight. When you write a new weight (not your starting weight) [Change my weight!] - the bot saves this value and calculates the difference from your last body weight entry. In the statistics you can see your starting weight, last weight change (aka last weight record) and [Over time weight changes]. The bot is available in four languages. Ukrainian, Kazakh, English, German. Bot: https://t.me/GodSport_bot Idea: @or1k Released by: @or1k and @JACKlickd
  6. Last checked on 17th July, 2023 Below are the currently active codes that you can redeem in Dead by Daylight: BASTILLE23: 147,000 Bloodpoints GETTHREADY: Voxel Spirit Charm OCANADA: Maple Leaf Charm PARTYHATS: Fifth Anniversary Crowns FLAGB: Bisexual Pride Flag Charm ISFLAG: Intersex Pride Flag Charm PANSEXUAL: Pansexual Pride Flag Charm FLAGT: Trans Pride Flag Charm AFLAGG: Agender Pride Flag Charm GFLAGF: Genderfluid Pride Flag Charm NBFLAG: Nonbinary Pride Flag Charm GFLAGQ: Genderqueer Pride Flag Charm AFLAGS: Asexual Pride Flag Charm LETSROLL: Dwight Charm WARRIORPUPPERS: Warrior Puppers Charm CAWCAW: Feathers of Pride charm PRIDE: Rainbow Flag charm PRIDE2022: Progress Pride Flag charm
  7. In this topic, you can suggest the creation of a new section on the forum.
  8. 1) Fixed "Drop air" Warning. 2) Centralized potato drop. Potatous-Spigot-1.1.jar
  9. POTATOUS This plugin adds new mechanics to the game. When you die, one heart is taken away from you forever. You can restore the heart with a "magic" potato. But to get this magic potato is very difficult. This plugin was created solely to make the game as difficult as possible. We advise to play with this plugin on difficulty "Hard". Tested on PaperMC Server. Idea: @or1k Released by: @JACKlickd Potatous-Spigot-1.1.jarPotatous-PaperMC-1.0.jar
  10. Ticked - +125k bloodpoints
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    Bios VideoCards

    palit 1060 6gb dual palit3060ti Asus DualGTX1070 gigabyte gtx1063 mini gigabyte gv-n3080vision oc-10gd Gigabyte XtremeGaming gtx1066 gtx1070 reference checked.zip
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    Bios VideoCards

    Palit clear BIOS Palit clear BIOS.zip
  13. or1k

    Bios VideoCards

    Gigabyte Clear Bios RTX 3000 RTX3000.zip
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    Bios VideoCards

    Gigabyte Clear Bios RTX 2000 RTX2000.zip
  15. or1k

    Bios VideoCards

    Gigabyte Clear Bios GTX 1000 GTX1000.zip
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    Bios VideoCards

  17. or1k

    Bios VideoCards

    In this topic will be posting videocards bios
  18. tiktok - 125k BP. rainbowrift - 10 rift. trixortreats - 100k BP. legendiri - 100 shards. loveislove - 200k BP. flagb flagp kindrd gflagf gflagq - cringe flags. partytrix - 200 shards. Working Dead by Daylight codes GFLAGF - Genderfluid Pride Flag Charm (NEW!) ISFLAG - Intersex Pride Flag Charm (NEW!) PANSEXUAL - Pansexual Pride Flag Charm (NEW!) NBFLAG - Nonbinary Pride Flag Charm (NEW!) GFLAGQ - Genderqueer Pride Flag Charm (NEW!) AFLAGS - Asexual Pride Flag Charm (NEW!) FLAGB - Bisexual Pride Flag Charm (NEW!) FLAGT - Trans Pride Flag Charm (NEW!) AFLAGG - Agender Pride Flag Charm (NEW!) TIKTOK - 125,000 Bloodpoints LETSROLL - Hand Painted Dwight WARRIORPUPPERS - Warrior Puppers Charm CAWCAW - Feathers of Pride charm PRIDE2022 - Pride Charm PRIDE - Rainbow Flag Pride Charm
  19. or1k

    DBD | Surv hackers

    Fucking hackers. I hate this people. But video is funny.
  20. Learning and self-education: Continuously learn and stay updated with new technologies and tools as the field of information technology is constantly evolving. Data backup: Always make backups of your data to ensure you can restore it in case of system failure or data loss. Regularly create and test backup copies. Monitoring and performance management: Maintain ongoing monitoring of system performance. Use resource and performance monitoring tools to quickly identify and resolve performance issues. Security measures: Prioritize system security by implementing appropriate security measures such as using strong passwords, regularly updating software, and installing antivirus programs. Automation: Utilize automation tools for routine tasks to save time and minimize the risk of errors. Learn scripting languages such as PowerShell or Python to create automated scripts. Tracking and documentation: Keep track of all changes made to the system. Document configurations, settings, and procedures to track changes and quickly restore the system when needed. Testing and debugging: Test changes in a separate testing environment before applying them to the production environment. Thoroughly debug and verify changes to ensure they don't cause unintended side effects. Networking knowledge: Gain a solid understanding of networking fundamentals. Learn key protocols such as TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, and VPN. Understanding networking concepts will help you effectively manage network infrastructure. Responsibilities allocation: If you work in a team, ensure clear division of responsibilities and duties among administrators to avoid conflicts and promote efficient work. Communication and collaboration: Develop strong communication and collaboration skills. Interacting with team members and system users is crucial for successfully completing tasks. Be open to advice and ready to assist others. I hope these tips help you embark on a successful career as a system administrator!
  21. Use Tab for autocompletion: In the Linux terminal, you can use the Tab key to automatically complete commands, file names, and directories. For example, if you need to enter the command "cd Documents," you can type "cd Doc" and then press Tab to have the terminal automatically complete the folder name. Command history: You can use the up and down arrow keys to browse and repeat previous commands you entered in the terminal. Utilize Ctrl+R: This key combination allows you to perform a reverse search in the command history. Simply press Ctrl+R and start typing a keyword or phrase, and the terminal will find the latest command containing that sequence of characters. Multi-cursor editing: Some Linux terminals like GNOME Terminal or Terminator support using the Shift+Alt key combination along with a mouse click to create multiple cursors in different parts of the text. This can be useful for simultaneously editing multiple lines of code or files. Function keys: Function keys (F1-F12) in the terminal can be customized to perform various actions. For example, you can set up F2 to quickly execute a specific command or script. Create custom command shortcuts: You can configure your own command shortcuts to execute frequently used commands or scripts. This can be done using the alias utility or by configuring the ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_profile files. Terminal multiplexers: Terminal multiplexers like tmux or screen allow you to create and manage multiple virtual terminals within a single physical terminal. This can be useful if you want to work with multiple terminal sessions simultaneously or leave a task running in the background. Use Ctrl+C to interrupt command execution: If a command you run in the terminal is taking too long or appears to be stuck, you can press Ctrl+C to interrupt its execution. Use Ctrl+D to exit the terminal: When you're finished working in the terminal, you can type Ctrl+D or the exit command to exit the current terminal session. Clear the screen: Use Ctrl+L or the clear command to clear the terminal screen and get a clean workspace. Suspend command execution: Press Ctrl+Z to suspend the execution of the current command. The command will be paused, and you'll return to the command prompt. You can then resume the command by typing fg to continue in the foreground or bg to continue in the background. Move the cursor: Use Ctrl+A to move the cursor to the beginning of the line and Ctrl+E to move it to the end of the line. This can be helpful when editing long commands. Utilize environment variables: In Linux, you can use environment variables to store and pass data between commands and scripts. For example, the $HOME variable contains the path to your home directory, and the $PATH variable contains the paths to executable files. You can use the echo command to view the value of a variable, such as echo $HOME. Use grep for text searching: The grep command allows you to search for text in files or the output of other commands. For example, grep "keyword" filename searches for the specified keyword in the given file. Redirect output with |: The pipe symbol (|) allows you to redirect the output of one command to the input of another command. For example, ls -l | grep "keyword" only displays lines containing the keyword from the output of the ls -l command. Use find to locate files: The find command enables you to search for files based on various criteria, such as file name, type, size, and more. For example, find /path/to/search -name "filename" searches for files with the specified name in the given path.
  22. How to display line numbering in the nano editor by default? How can I make very long text on a single line fit in the console window of the nano editor? How do I enable text selection? All of these questions will be answered in this topic. First, make sure that you have the nano editor installed. sudo apt-get install nano Next, go to the local configuration file of the nano editor on your linux system. It does not matter whether you are using a desktop or a server distribution. sudo nano ~/.nanorc In this configuration file you can customize the nano editor to suit you. My example: set linenumbers set backup set mouse set indicator set softwrap set linenumbers (Display line numbers to the left of the text area. (Any line with an anchor additionally gets a mark in the margin.)) set backup (When saving a file, create a backup file by adding a tilde (~) to the file’s name.) set mouse (Enable mouse support, if available for your system. When enabled, mouse clicks can be used to place the cursor, set the mark (with a double click), and execute shortcuts. The mouse will work in the X Window System, and on the console when gpm is running. Text can still be selected through dragging by holding down the Shift key.) set indicator (Display a "scrollbar" on the righthand side of the edit window. It shows the position of the viewport in the buffer and how much of the buffer is covered by the viewport.) set softwrap (Display lines that exceed the screen’s width over multiple screen lines. (You can make this soft-wrapping occur at whitespace instead of rudely at the screen’s edge, by using also set atblanks.)) You can find a complete list of settings at https://www.nano-editor.org/dist/latest/nanorc.5.html Note that "softwrap" does not move the line to a new one to fit your text into the console window. Everything stays on one line. Therefore, it does not build a new line. P.S. Vim is Sucks.
  23. Everton's £4.5m-rated star's future "does not bode well" after Sean Dyche's recent team selections. Everton manager Sean Dyche’s decision to bring Yerry Mina into the starting lineup “does not bode well” for Conor Coady at Goodison Park, journalist Paul Brown has suggested to GIVEMESPORT. The Toffees currently find themselves embroiled in a relegation battle. Everton news – Conor Coady Having arrived on an initial season-long loan from Wolverhampton Wanderers last summer, Coady was thrust into action as a partner to James Tarkowski under Frank Lampard at the start of the season. The 30-year-old enjoyed a positive start to his career at Goodison, and it looked a given that the Toffees would be taking up the option of signing him on a permanent deal for a paltry £4.5m at the end of the season. However, a drop-off in form for both the sweeper and the side meant that Lampard was relieved of his duties in January, with Dyche coming in as his replacement towards the end of that month. And with Yerry Mina coming into the side for the Merseyside outfit’s 5-1 victory at Brighton & Hove Albion this week, Coady’s long-term future at Goodison could be in doubt. In March, journalist Dean Jones told GIVEMESPORT that the Liverpool-born star was facing an “uncertain future” with his current club. But Brown has said Coady is still “renowned as a leader in the dressing room” amid question marks over his next step at Everton. What has Brown said about Everton and Coady? Brown told GIVEMESPORT: “For Dyche to suddenly bring Yerry Mina in does not bode well for Coady. I would say that Coady is renowned as a leader in the dressing room and a brilliant influence around the teams he's in, whether he's playing or not.” Would Coady be a good signing for Everton? Despite not being a regular under Dyche, for a price of £4.5m, Coady could prove to be a valuable piece of business for the Goodison Park outfit, even if it’s just to have another leader in the dressing room. The ten-cap England international has over 150 Premier League appearances to his name, most of which came during his time as Wolves captain. But the 6 foot 1 star enjoyed most of his success playing at the centre of a back three, with two centre-backs on either side offering more protection, whilst he rakes the ball out to the flanks. With Dyche tending to prefer a four-at-the-back system, the likes of James Tarkowski, Yerry Mina and Ben Godfrey will generally act as the 51-year-old’s selected options at the heart of the defence. Therefore, Coady’s future at Everton is no closer to being resolved as we head towards the end of the season.
  24. Follow the evolution of the score and the statistics of the match between Brentford - West Ham which takes place at the Brentford Community Stadium in London. https://www.lequipe.fr/Football/match-direct/championnat-d-angleterre/2022-2023/brentford-west-ham-live/538258
  25. or1k

    Turkey election

    Incumbent President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is up against main rival Kemal Kilicdaroglu as Turkey votes. The outcome could significantly alter Turkey's domestic and foreign policies. DW has the latest.. Turkey votes in presidential and parliamentary elections CHP's Kemal Kilicdaroglu has slight lead over Erdogan in opinion surveys All three remaining presidential contenders have now voted Polls close at 5 p.m. local time (1400 UTC) Runoff elections could be held May 28 if no majority winner in first round This article was last updated at 1229 UTC What some of the voters are saying The campaign ahead of Sunday's pivotal elections has been characteristically divisive. As voters cast their ballots, the split was apparent in Turkey's largest city, Istanbul, of which Erdogan was mayor from 1994 to 1998. "I see these elections as a choice between democracy and dictatorship. I chose democracy and I hope that my country chooses democracy. I have hope that Kilicdaroglu will win," 64-year-old retired health sector worker Ahmet Kalkan told the Reuters news agency. However, long-time Erdogan supporter Mehmet Akif Kahraman said he was still backing the incumbent. "There has never been a change in my thoughts because the future is here. God willing, Turkey will be a world leader," said Kahraman. Mehmet Ali Fakioglu, who was made homeless by the earthquake that hit Turkey in February, made a 15-hour journey back to the disaster-hit Antakya region to vote on Sunday. Fakioglu, who has been staying with his son in Istanbul, relayed his anger about the fact that help from the government was slow to arrive. "I will only say this, everybody should vote with their conscience at the ballot box," Fakioglu told Reuters. "We were forgotten, all of us, on that day, the second day even on the third day. Not only in Antakya, but people were forgotten in all those cities." "People all around Turkey should keep this in mind when voting," he added. In the capital, Ankara, Ceren was one of more than five million young voters eligible to cast ballots. She said she wanted to see change. "I was born during this government. I saw to what point we arrived. I don't want them anymore — enough," the 19-year-old told the AFP news agency. However, many older voters remain loyal to the president, including 67-year-old Ankara resident Recep Turktan. "What matters is not to divide Turkey," said Turktan, adding that the economic difficulties facing Turkey at present were beig felt around the world. "We will carry out our duty. I say, go on [with Erdogan]," Turktan said. President Erdogan casts vote in Istanbul, expresses hopes Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has cast his ballot at a primary school in Istanbul's Üsküdar district. After voting, he expressed hope that the outcome would be "good for the future of the country," although he did not predict a win. "My hope to God is that after the counting concludes this evening, the outcome is good for the future of our country, for Turkish democracy," he said. Erdogan's Justice and Development Party (AKP) came to power more than 20 years ago, and he hopes to extend his tenure as modern Turkey's longest-serving ruler. He won in the first round of the presidential election in 2018 with 52.6% of the vote. Polls currently show support hovering around 44-45%. Opposition's Kilicdaroglu casts ballot, vows democracy's return Turkish presidential candidate Kemal Kilicdaroglu has cast his vote at a primary school in the capital, Ankara. After voting, he pledged to restore democracy to Turkey after what many see as a slide toward authoritarianism. "We all missed democracy," the secular leader told reporters. "You will see, God willing, spring will come to this country." The opposition contender is the chairman of the Republican People's Party (CHP), which was established by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk — the founder of modern Turkey. Kilicdaroglu says he and his six-party alliance plan to "fulfill people's longing for democracy" and would "turn towards the West" in foreign policy matters if successful at the polls. Outsider Sinan Ogan casts his vote Ranked as an outsider in the presidential election, candidate Sinan Ogan has voted at an Ankara polling station. Ogan was a former lawmaker with the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), an ally of Erdogan's AK Party, and has an academic and international finance development background. However, polling has shown him to be lagging far behind the two lead candidates. Another contender, Muharrem Ince announced on Thursday that he was withdrawing from the presidential race. However, his name is still on the ballot paper, meaning people could still vote for him. Voting begins in pivotal elections Polling stations opened at 8 a.m. (0500 UTC) across Turkey for crucial parliamentary and presidential elections. Roughly 61 million people are eligible to vote, including nearly 5 million first-time voters. Turks abroad have already cast their ballots. The vote is being seen as a major test to incumbent President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's 20-year rule. Besides choosing the president, voters will also select 600 members of parliament from 87 electoral districts to represent them for the next five years. The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) has deployed hundreds of observers to monitor the vote. Polling stations are scheduled to close at 5 p.m. local time. Most Germans would like to see Erdogan voted out A survey shows that two-thirds of people in Germany would be happy to see Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan voted out of office after two decades in power. The nationwide study by the research institute YouGov asked: "This coming Sunday, Turkey will hold its presidential election. Would you prefer President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to be re-elected or voted out?" About 70% of respondents thought Erdogan should go, while 10% thought he should stay. Another 20% said they did not know or gave no answer. Germany has some 1.5 million registered Turkish voters, the largest diaspora participating in the vote. They have been voting since April 27, with polling stations having closed on Tuesday evening. While supporters of Erdogan and his AKP party have often stirred controversy in Germany, the Turkish leader does have a strong support base in the country. Last chance for democracy, says Bundestag's foreign affairs chair The German Bundestag's foreign affairs committee chairman, Michael Roth, said the elections were "probably the last chance" for the opposition to democratically remove Erdogan's Justice and Development Party (AKP) from power after two decades. While the presidential and parliamentary elections would likely be free, Roth told the German media group RND, they would probably not be fair, with Erdogan and his supporter tightening their grip on the media, the electoral commission and the judiciary. Meanwhile, Roth said, Russia appeared to be trying to discredit the Turkish opposition through disinformation campaigns. He added that Erdogan appeared to have little more to offer than nationalist slogans. "The economic, social, and financial situation of the country is simply devastating," Roth said. How the 'earthquake zone' views Turkey's elections On February 6, powerful earthquakes rocked large portions of southern Turkey and northern Syria. More than 50,000 people lost their lives in Turkey alone, according to official figures. About three months after the disaster, many people still don't have a place to stay, while basic services like water and electricity have not yet been restored everywhere. DW reported on two cities in the "earthquake zone" which have starkly different views on Sunday's election. The southeastern Turkish city of Kahramanmaras, which was at the epicenter of February's earthquake, is considered an AKP stronghold. It is unlikely the incumbent will see support wane on May 14 because of the earthquake. The situation appears to be different in Hatay, a city near the Syrian border. There, many people were critical of the government, saying some cities — not including Hatay — were given priority when it came to aid deliveries. Many in Hatay still lack clean water, clothing and hygiene articles.
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