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DockerHub blocked russian users.

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30 may 2024 Docker blocks DockerHub for russia. russian developers have started expressing anger towards Docker for having their DockerHub requests blocked. Along with their outrage, they immediately started publishing methods to bypass the blocking. This included using OpenVPN for dockerhub requests.


Full text of blocking by Scott Johnston:

Docker is closely following the events surrounding the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The community of Docker employees, Docker Captains, developers, customers, and partners is committed to creating an open, collaborative environment that fosters the free and peaceful exchange of ideas. The tragedy unfolding in Ukraine is in opposition to what our community stands for and weighs heavily on our minds and hearts.

Docker stands with the members in our Ukrainian community and the sovereign nation of Ukraine. As the situation continues to evolve, we want to provide an update on Docker’s response. We will not do business with Russian and Belarusian companies or accept payments from these locations during this period. As such, we have removed the ability to purchase and renew Docker subscriptions from Russia and Belarus. We are continuing to monitor the situation and will keep you informed with updates from Docker.

Additionally, we are committed to supporting Ukraine’s fight for continued sovereignty and independence. On behalf of all Docker employees, we are making donations to UNICEF , Razom and Doctors without Borders earmarked to help Ukrainian citizens.



03 June 2024 Docker Hub suddenly reopens for russian users.


And why it was necessary to give them access is not at all clear. Maybe it’s a bug, of course, and they’ll soon close the access. However, maybe docker saw that blocking didn’t help at all and decided not to bother anymore. Hopefully, something else will be invented. For example, they will ban all accounts of russian users without deleting their images so that other programmers from non-terrorist countries can use them. To be fair, blocking requests to dockerhub from russia was initially a useless idea. Because it is too easy to bypass blocking requests by GEO.


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